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T.E.S.F.A. has expanded the trekking route in Meket Woreda. Two new sites are added to the trekking route in the east of Meket in addition to the four that have been earning their communities incomes for some time. For a clearer ideas of where these sites are have a look at the map on the transport page.

Boya Mikael, with its little cluster of tukuls (cottages), is set on a western facing promontory of the escarpment overlooking the road that winds up through the lowlands from Lalibela. It is high, at about 3,200 meters above sea level, which is around 10,500 feet. It is also quite a challenging walk from Yadukulay, which is a full day┬╣s walk to the south west. The walk is well worth it if you are fit enough. However Boya Mikael can be accessed fairly easily, with a 5 km walk from the village of Boya, on the main road some 20km east of the junction town called Gashena, the turn off for Lalibela.

Another hundred meters higher, and some fifteen kilometres to the east (although the walk is around 22km) is the sixth site in Meket: Aina Amba. The name Aina Amba means "Eye Hilltop" and may refer to its being the local high point with fabulous views down into the valley that separates it and Abuna Yoseph Mountain and the ridges between. From here you can be picked up outside the nearby town of Istayish, about another 20km along the road from Boya towards Weldiya. Or more challenging you can walk down off the plateau, cross the Tekeze River and make your way to the village of Geneta Mariam outside Lalibela. This walk is not for the faint hearted, but is a great walk for those up for the challenge. It also reduces transport costs, as it is only some 25km from Lalibela.


T.E.S.F.A. has built a community-run base camp on Abuna Yoseph, the third highest massif in Ethiopia, with its peak at 4,300masl. On this mountain a few Ethiopian Wolves, the rarest canid in the world, maintain a fragile existence, and their survival is tied to finding a sustainable way for the communities around the mountain to benefit from it. T.E.S.F.A. is developing a conservation mechanism to benefit all the users of the mountains ecosystem, to encourage these communities to develop sustainable use agreements that will reduce grazing and the pressure on the habitat of the Wolf. T.E.S.F.A. is also working with Frankfurt Zoological Society, on a second site further up the mountain at a place called Kebero Bir (Wolf Door). While sightings of wolves can not be guaranteed many of our clients have seen these lovely animals.


T.E.S.F.A. are starting work on a trekking route south of the Adigrat-Axum road. There is some work in getting the project started, but TESFA hope to make this available to clients for late 2009. The area is dissected by sandstone mountains rising up from the plains. These mountains are home to a number of relatively unknown rock churches from early medieval times ... fascinating to explore.


This forest is on the Rift valley escarpment some 150 km east from Addis Ababa. The forest ranges from high altitude species at almost 3,500 meters to more temperate forest at 2,500 meters. It is threatened as trees are being cut down daily. T.E.S.F.A. and partner organisation SUNARMA are working to get government agreements signed to enable work to start on this project. T.E.S.F.A. will work with communities to give them an incentive through income generated by tourism to conserve this wonderful forest.

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