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Trekking in Ethiopia

Community Tourism in the Ethiopian Highlands

"It was BEYOND EXPECTATIONS. The most beautiful experience I have ever had here in Ethiopia." (June 04) Vittorio Gerosa,- Tourism Advisor at UNECA

"the highlight of my three trips to Ethiopia - Thank you" (Dec' 04) Bridget Davey, UK

"My memories of Meket are infused with the sense of having been genuinely welcomed by the entire villages - from the fire lit coffee ceremony in Wajela to the warm gestures, smiles and handshakes during a visit by the committee of farmers who oversee the Mequat Mariam site. (June 05) Nancy Strider - Canada

Mequat Mariam was stunning and the facilities and service excellent" (Mar 06) Malcolm Smart, DFID-Ethiopia

"We had an AMAZING time - for Katie and I the trek has been one of our highlights of our trip to Ethiopia! Congratulations on your innovative project!" (Nov. '06) Sarah Woodrow - Canada

".... we really enjoyed our trek, it was an amazing experience and everything was perfect. The staff were all very helpful and friendly. I could not believe how beautiful the scenery was on each and every day. What you have done in setting up this community tourism programme is truly admirable. (Dec. '06) Muireann Coen - UK

I just wanted to send you another thank you for the great experience with TESFA. So far it has definitely been the highlight of Ethiopia for me, and I would recommend it to anyone. (Jan. '07) Elizabeth Ruethling, USA

"We stayed at all 5 sites, and it was an amazing experience that I would recommend to anybody coming to Ethiopia ... if the sites in Meket were amazing, Abuna Yoseph was beyond expectations". (Jun. '08) Rita Wittmann, Austria

Mequat Mariam Community run site - the main tukul lodge. One of the community run camps on the trekking routes.

In the basalt mountains around Lalibela, stay in local communities. See their ancient world, their churches and their way of life.

Walk through the age-old agrarian landscape of the Ethiopian Highlands following escarpments with birds of prey soaring in the thermals and Gelada baboon scrambling up and down the cliff face. Local shepherd boys keep an eye on their flocks, while their fathers plough the fields, and their sisters collect water in clay pots.

An experience you will never forget!

Please use the links on this site to find out more about these stunning sites and learn how a visit to them could be easily integrated into your holiday in Ethiopia.

See how easy it is to fit a trip to these mountains around your visit to Lalibela, perhaps stopping off en-route from Lalibela to Bahir Dar or Gondar. Let TESFA help you plan one that fits in with your preferences.

TESFA's Mission Statement (extract)

TESFA seeks to work in partnership with local communities to enable them to generate sustainable improvements in their livelihood through the development of their own tourism related enterprises, while also contributing to the protection of their physical and cultural environments. See TESFA link for more info.

A path through the cornfields between Wajela and Mequatthe view from Mequat Mariam (courtesy Malcolm Smart)